Experience Holistic Health and Beauty

We are a team of holistic practitioners with varied backgrounds coming together to bring harmony to people’s lives. Coming from a mix of Eastern, Western, and Native traditions, we represent the World as a whole in many ways. Through our families, cultures, learnings, and expertise Vishala Holistic Health Center brings it all together in
one place to be of service in the most powerful way.

Health comes to those who are balanced in all aspects of the self, mind, body, spirit, and emotion.  At Vishala Holistic Health Center we are dedicated to providing you with the healing that works to bring balance to you as a whole.  The different healing modalities we provide give the best opportunities to bring health, wealth, and happiness.  We consider your health needs and provide you with the healing method that best suits your recovery process with your wishes in mind.  If you are seeking freedom from physical pain or disease, mental anxiety or depressions, fears and phobias, addictions, or wanting to achieve goals and intentions; we can provide you with the proper treatment in a timely way.  We are determined to make lasting positive effects in your life because we believe each happy, healthy person touches many lives positively.


This Month’s Specials And Events

July 24th from 7-8pm 1st of Many Free Interactive Seminar Series: Applications and Benefits of Holistic Health Therapies for Pain Management Highlighting Acupuncture.  There will be snacks and acutags provided.

July 24th from 6-7:30pm 1st of 2 Juicing Classes By Our Holistic Health Coach Jeff Sapp $25 each or $40 for both.

When a new client is referred to our spa and they receive one of our services, the new client, as well as the person who referred the new client, will both receive 10% on any classic spa service.